Coding through craft

Inspired by textile and computing heritage, PatternCraft is a make-it-yourself analogue to digital punchcard reader. It's a tool for learning the fundamentals of computing and code, and a base for developing interactive projects.

The Creators

Photo of Gemma May Latham

Gemma May Latham

An artist and maker, Gemma is interested in the relationships between textiles and coding. Having only started to learn to code in 2012, Gemma endeavors to develop accessible methods for understanding code and computing theory.

Photo of David Whale

David Whale

STEM ambassador, software developer, inventor of things, and all round awesome guy David Whale has been writing computer software since he was 11. Often found helping students and teachers to navigate learning computer programming.

David came to the rescue when Gemma created a tiny puff of smoke whilst getting to grips with her first ever circuit. As a direct development of a Twitter conversation along the crossovers between textiles, computing, and Minecraft, the pair developed the first ever prototype of PatternCraft together.

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